Top Useless Courses to Study in Nigeria 2022 | Bad

Are you interested in top useless courses to study in Nigeria 2022/2023? Well, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll show all you need to know about the list of useless courses to study in Nigeria.

You’ll learn more about courses you should not study in Nigeria, bad courses and degrees in Nigeria.

You may have heard that some courses are useless while some are best, is this really true? what makes people tag most courses useless? see the reasons below:

What Are Useless courses?

Meaning of Useless Courses:

Useless courses are those courses that are not MARKETABLE nor LUCRATIVE.

These are courses with fewer EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES in Nigeria or Abroad.

When a course has fewer career opportunities or is not able to give service or aid in society it’s likely to be a useless course.

Top Useless Courses to Study in Nigeria 2022 | Bad

Before we proceed, see Most Marketable Courses In Nigeria

Useless Courses To Study In Nigeria 2022/2023

Top Courses You Should Not Study In Nigeria:

1.          Sociology
2.          Microbiology
3.          Zoology
4.          Animal Science
5.          Botany
6.          Soil Science
7.          Food Science And Technology
8.          Anthropology
9.          Marketing
10.       French
11.       Political Science
12.       Music
13.       Geography
14.       Animal Husbandry
15.       Applied Microbiology
16.       Marketing
17.       History
18.       Library And Information Science
19.       Social Studies
20.       Fisheries, etc

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