Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course

You may have been searching for major Reasons Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course. Have you been asking; What are the disadvantages of accreditation? Does it matter if a course isn’t accredited?

Is it important to study in an accredited school? What happens if a course is not accredited?

If Yes, then this post you are currently reading will benefit you.

We understand that the quest for higher education in Nigeria is at its all-time high with many admission seekers face with limited space in high education institutes in Nigeria

Every year, millions of JAMB candidates enroll and sit for the JAMB exam but about one-fifth of the population that sit for the exam will only be admitted.

Those that did not make it will join newcomers to retake the exam. The number keeps increasing every year.

Many people have capitalized on this problem to build a viable business but others are running a HIGH PROFILE scam with STUDENTS DESPERATE TO GET ADMITTED to any high institution in Nigeria.

Among many admission scams that have been reported in Nigeria, the most professional of it all are institutions in Nigeria that admit students in courses and programs that are not accredited by National Universities Commission (NUC).

This post is necessary after a due observation and research.

I will show you the major reasons Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited in Nigerian Universities or Abroad.

It’s quite unfortunate that we know that the fire is burning yet we still put our hands with the hope that we won’t get burnt.

Take a look at the case of the University Of Calabar.

‘Anger, Frustration As University Of Calabar’s VC Asks Final-Year Students To Return To 200-Level’

Some students of the University of Calabar, Cross River State called out the institution’s new Vice-Chancellor, Florence Obi, for asking final-year students in some selected departments to go back to 200-level due to non-accreditation of their courses by the National Universities Commission.

The students, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told newsmen that the courses have gulped millions of naira taken from their families.

From the above, you can see one of the disadvantages of studying an unaccredited course.

Doing a course that is not accredited by NUC in Nigerian Universities is just like attending a legal University that is not accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

This means that there are several risks associated with attending a school that is not accredited or studying a course that is not accredited.

One of the major risks of pursuing a degree from a university that is not accredited is how it will affect your employment opportunities.

Many employers will not hire a potential job candidate if the degree they hold was granted by a learning institution that is not recognised.

Unaccredited schools and universities usually do not have the same educational standards and policies as accredited schools and employers are likely to want to hire someone with a degree from an institution that is accredited and recognised.

The reason is that employers want to feel confident in the employees that they hire and want to know that potential employees are actually qualified to do that job, and someone holding an unaccredited degree may not be the best person for the job.

Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course

What Is An Accreditation?

Accreditation indicates a level of quality and consistency relevant to the goals of higher education.

Accrediting bodies such as the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) apply a list of criteria to educational institutions that measure the quality of the college or university in combination with the educational curriculum.

This standard has become increasingly enviable among even specialized colleges.

Irrespective of how desperate you are to enroll in university, it is important to understand that enrolling in an unaccredited program in any Nigerian university might have different consequences.

Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course

5 major reasons why you should not study an unaccredited course/program in Nigeria.

  1. Waste Of Money
  2. Waste Of Time/ Resources
  3. Program / School Closure
  4. You Can’t Further Your Study
  5. Hard To Get Employed

Waste Of Money

Studying an unaccredited course/program in any university in Nigeria is like paying for a study that is worthless and cannot enhance or impact your future career prospect.

University education is very expensive now and imagine paying tuition and numerous other fees that come with it for four to five years and thereafter you get to know that your degree/certification is useless.

Waste Of Time/ Resources

Like wasting money, time is something that is very essential to us.

Nobody will like to spend 4 to 5years of existence working hard in school and end up not achieving any valuable thing.

High education is very challenging and time-demanding so you should not waste your time and resources in an unaccredited program.

Program / School Closure

I have seen many cases where NUC seal up a program or even fake university that run many unaccredited programs in Nigeria and all their students were sent home.

Imagine if you are a victim of this after you must have spent many years and the money involved.

Remember It is the grass that suffers when two elephants are fighting.

A word is enough for the wise.

You Can’t Further Your Study

With an unaccredited degree/diploma, it is very difficult to further your studies both in Nigeria and abroad.

Most universities have a list of other universities and programs they accept students from in their advanced studies.

It is even worst when you intend to study abroad.

This is also one of the reasons Why You Should Not Study an Unaccredited Course.

Hard To Get Employed

Finally, it will be very hard to get employed (in your dream job) due to the fact that your competitors from the quality and well-known institutions have a competitive advantage over you.

Don’t build your future on luck.

Make it happen.

The above are few major reasons why you Should Not Study Unaccredited Course/program.

Now that you know Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course, don’t forget there is love in sharing.

Do you have more to add? Feel free to do so.

Have you been a victim of an unaccredited program in any university in Nigeria, we will like you to share your experience by using the comment session below;.

Thanks for reading our post on Why You Should Not Study Unaccredited Course.


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