Requirements to Study Law in BSU

What are the requirements to study law in BSU?, BSU Requirements for law.

Benue State University Law Requirements, What is the cut-off mark for law in BSU? Does BSU accept two sittings for law?, What are the requirements to study law in Benue State University.

Does BSU offer Law? If Yes, what are the requirements to study Law in BSU? If you have been asking whether Benue State University offers Law as a course,  then this post you are currently reading will benefit you.

I will answer the questions above which many aspirants who wish to study Law at BSU have always asked,  and also show you the Benue State University JAMB Subject Combination for Law.

Requirements to Study Law in BSU
Law in BSU

After answering the question, I will also be providing you the requirements to study Law at Benue State University.

The requirement section will contain JAMB subject combinations for Law as well as other schools you can also study Law as a course apart from the Benue State University should you wish to explore more.

Having said that, let us begin.

Does BSU Offer Law?


 Benue State University (BSU) offers Law.

What Are the Requirements to Study Law in BSU?

  1. You must have reached the AGE of sixteen (16) by the 31st day of October in the year of admission.
  2. Meet BSU Law Cut-off Mark.
  3. Choose Correct JAMB Subject Combination.
  4. Have a good JAMB, WAEC, Post UTME Score.

Requirements For Law In BSU

Now that you are aware that BSU offers Law, the next thing you need to know is the requirements to study Law in BSU.

For a start, you need to have at least 5 credit passes in your O level result (WAEC and NECO) including English and Mathematics before you can study Law in BSU.

See JAMB Subject Combination for Law. 

Benue State University (BSU) Cut Off Mark For Law

Before you will be offered admission to study Law in BSU, you ought to have scored high in JAMB and have also passed the cut-off mark necessary for one to gain admission into the course in question.

To be on the safer side, you need to target at least a score of 240 and above in JAMB so as for you to have a high chance of gaining admission into the Benue State University to study law.

BSU JAMB Subject Combination For Law

Below is the JAMB Subject combination in BSU.

  1. Use of English

  2. Literature in English

  3. Government

  4. Christian Religious Knowledge or Economics Accepted.

Is BSU Good For LAW?


The Benue State University is one of the best State Universities in Nigeria to study LAW.

Does BSU Accept Two Sittings For LAW?


Benue State University accepts two sittings for LAW.


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