Why You Should Not Stop at Secondary School

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Why You Should Not Stop at Secondary School
Drop Out

Whenever a student thinks of giving up on school or dropping out, the first justification that tends to come to mind is “Well, look at Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg! They dropped out of school and today they are billionaires.”

Well, it turns out that statistics show that only a small percentage of school dropouts or individuals with only a secondary school education eventually reach the I-can-comfortably-buy-a-car status.

With that, you can imagine how small the percentage will be for people who eventually attain billionaire status.

In fact, if you want a number, it can be said that less than 1% of people who start out in life by dropping out of school eventually make it to the million-dollar status in life.

Suffice it to say that the idea of the “college dropout turn billionaire” is just a myth propelled by our tendency to fall in love with unique stories.

Another fact that a lot of people forget to realize is that folks like Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook were already attending ivy league schools and getting world-class education before they dropped out.

Also, these guys were coding obsessively since they were in high school.

The bottom line is that they already had what it took (education and skills) to succeed in life.

Sadly, a lot of young Nigerians thinking of taking this path don’t have any of this.

If you have read the biographies of rich men all around the world who decided to quit school and became billionaires and are motivated to drop your school bag, you might want to see the following reasons why it’s a bad idea and think again:

Why You Should Drop Out of School

  1. Dropouts have a high chance of dropping into loneliness, isolation, and confusion.
  2. Many dropouts tend to leave school because of laziness.
  3. Many dropouts have a bad landing or land on a nonprofitable business or idea.
  4. Many dropouts quit school and stop learning as well.
  5. Dropouts miss out on the perks that come with a university education.

Reason Students Stop At Secondary School/Drop Out

Maybe you have failed JAMB, WAEC, or GCE so many times and now you’re wondering whether it is even worth it at all.

Perhaps, you are already in school and you are having a frustrating experience.

Maybe, the economic climate in the country is discouraging you.

Perhaps, you know some of your enviable mates who are already done with university education and are still jobless and you feel discouraged.

Whichever category you fall under, you are not alone.

Sadly, a lot of students in Nigeria are frustrated.

If they have scaled through JAMB successfully, their performance in WAEC might be holding them back.

Some have successfully gotten admission, but then the lapses in the educational system make it difficult for them to enjoy and maximize their university experience.

Some lackadaisical lecturers are even making matters worse by their sheer lack of enthusiasm for their job.

Some of them forget that without love for their job, they cannot impart knowledge to their students.

Of course, JAMB, WAEC, your school (if you are already an undergraduate), and yes, your lecturers are not entirely to blame for the situation of things.

Besides, this article is not about who is to be blamed.

The fact is that it can be very painful when you do everything within your ability to gain admission and it doesn’t work out.

The anger is multiplied when you see those who you are academically better than gain admission because of connection or who they know.

It can also be frustrating to enter school with high hopes of learning and dreams of what you will build, create or do with what you learn in school, only to find that you haven’t learned much after spending three years.

With so many students complaining and itching to give up on school, it has become imperative to publish an article like this.

If you are considering giving up on school, then this is for you.

Now, The Final Piece of Advice

Your level of competence in a field greatly determines your level of confidence.

Stopping your education at the secondary school level or dropping out of school could really affect your self-esteem.

In most cases, you will be ashamed to tell people that you are a school dropout.

So if you are planning to give up on school or know anyone who is planning to quit, ask yourself or tell him or her to ask this simple question:

“Do I already have a profitable business that will suffer if I continue school?”

There is close to the best question you can ask yourself if you are considering calling it quits.

Hence, if your answer to this question is “No”, it’s not time to quit schooling.

If you have a business that is not yet profitable enough, try to keep running the business while continuing your studies.

Even if the business is profitable if you can run it while in school, by all means, do so, so that you don’t miss out on the benefits of having a university degree.

If you are still trying to scale through JAMB or WAEC, don’t give up.

Study using exam focus and recommended textbooks, go through past questions, practice computer based tests, take tutorials, get a lesson teacher if you can afford one, change your course to a less competitive one if necessary.

Keep trying and you will eventually secure admission.

Please don’t quit or drop out unless it is absolutely impossible to continue.

And frankly, it is difficult to come up with good reasons why one should give up school.

People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs aren’t the rule.

They are the exceptions.

And, it’s never wise to make decisions based on peculiar cases.

Be smart, be wise, be patient and you will find a way to survive and thrive.

Now that you know Why You Should Not Stop at Secondary School, stay positive and optimistic.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Stop at Secondary School

  • March 12, 2022 at 6:37 PM

    What if you have a business you are managing and there is no someone else to stand supporting you while in school, in this case what will you do?

  • March 12, 2022 at 6:37 PM

    What if you have a business you are managing and there is no someone else to stand supporting you while in school, in this case what will you do?


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