JAMB Recommended Textbooks For French 2022

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If Yes, then this post you are currently reading will benefit you as we are going to show you the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for French 2022/2023.

The French Recommended books are not compulsory, but are additional reading material should you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the unit.

JAMB Recommended Textbooks For French 2022
JAMB Recommended books For French

JAMB Recommended Textbooks For French 2022

  1. Ajiboye, T. (2014) Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition): Ibadan: Cleavoketa books

  2. Ajiboye, T. (2012) Nouvel Horizon, Book 4, New Revised Edition, Ibadan: Bounty Press

  3. Byrne and Churchill (1980) A Comprehensive French Grammar,

  4. Hatier (1980) Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer, Ibadan: Spectrum Book Ltd.

  5. Maice, G et Merlo, G : (1998): Grammaire progressive du français ( Niveau intermediaire), Paris: Clé international.

  6. Mazauric,. C, et Sirejols, E(2006) : On y va! Book 3, Ibadan : Spectrun Books Ltd.

  7. Ojo, S. A.(2000) A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar, Ibadan: Agoro Publishing Company.

  8. Any other relevant materials on French Grammar.

(ii) Oral:

  1. Ajiboye, T. (2010) An Introduction to Practice in Oral French, Ibadan: Bounty Press.

  2. Leon, M. (1978) Initiation à la Prononciation du Français Standard.

  3. Any other materials that emphasise oral practice

(B) Culture of Froncophone Countries

  1. Girod R and Ground-Clement, F. (1979) Comment vivent les Francais, Paris: Hachette Mbuko, L. (2000) French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and College Ibadan: Bounty Press.

  2. Any other relevant materials, e.g. French newspapers, magazines, journals, and documents on Francophone life.

  3. Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.

(C) Dictionary

  1. Any good French/English or French dictionary


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