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This post covers ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about How UNIJOS Admission is Given. If you have been asking How Does UNIJOS Give Admission? this post is for you.

At the end of this post, you will get to know how UNIJOS admission is given, if you are interested in knowing how the University Of Jos admission is given keep reading friend.

Before we proceed, quickly see how to gain admission in UNIJOS.

Having known what it takes to gain admission into UNIJOS, see UNIJOS Admission requirements here.

Also, See UNIJOS catchment area For Admission Here.

How UNIJOS Admission Is Given

How UNIJOS Admission Is Given

UNIJOS give admission Based on 6 factors which include:

  1. UNIJOS General Cut Off Mark

  2. UNIJOS Departmental Cut Off Mark

  3. UNIJOS Admission Catchment Area

  4. O’level/ A’level Result

  5. JAMB Subject Combination

  6. UNIJOS General Admission/Departmental Admission Requirements

A) UNIJOS General Cut Off Mark

This is the mark below which one cannot apply/gain admission to study any course in the University Of Jos.

If the general cut-off mark for UNIJOS is 150 (ASSUMPTION), you can not apply or gain admission to study any course in UNIJOS even if you scored 149.

In this wise, you must meet UNIJOS general cut-off of 150 to be eligible or stand a chance of being considered for admission.

It must be further noted that there is no standard general cut-off mark in the University Of Jos.

UNIJOS cut-off mark changes every year.

UNIJOS general cut-off mark is determined based on the general performance of candidates in UTME.

This is also one of the factors on How UNIJOS Admission Is Given.

B) UNIJOS Departmental Cut Off Mark

One of the primary factors that determine how UNIJOS admission is given is the UNIJOS departmental cut-off mark for all courses.

This cut-off mark is released by departments every year.

It is based on the performance of candidates in JAMB and UNIJOS Post UTME.

UNIJOS departmental cut-off mark varies for MERIT, Catchment, and Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS), with that of merit always higher.

C) UNIJOS Admission Catchment Area

No doubt, UNIJOS catchment area is one of the factors UNIJOS considered when giving admission.

Be it Federal, State, or Private Universities, Merit is a major criterion for offering admission and UNIJOS is not an exception.

MERIT Admission in UNIJOS means you gained admission because you deserved it. It is a result of a high JAMB Score and Post UTME Score.

This further entails that UNIJOS admission is based on 45% MERIT, 35% Catchment, and 20% ELDS.

Learn more:

D) O’level/ A’level Result

The next factor UNIJOS considers when giving admission or how UNIJOS admission is given is the O’level/ A’level Result.

Before you can be offered admission in UNIJOS, For a start, you need to have at least 5 credit passes in your O’level result (WAEC and NECO) including English and Mathematics not more than two (2) sittings.

If you are a direct entry candidate make sure you meet the UNIJOS general and departmental requirements for your course before you apply.

E) JAMB Subject Combination


Correct JAMB subject combination is also a factor UNIJOS consider when giving admission.

This further explains how UNIJOS admission is given.

For you to be offered admission in UNIJOS you must have chosen the correct JAMB subject combination for your course of study.

F) UNIJOS General Admission/Departmental Admission Requirements

The University Of Jos also considers general admission and departmental admission requirements when giving admission.

This means that for you to be given admission in University Of Jos you must meet the general and departmental admission requirements for your course.

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