FUKASHERE Courses And Requirements 2023 is Out | Full list

Do you want to know FUKASHERE Courses and requirements 2023/2024 for UTME and Direct Entry (DE) candidates? This post explains all you need to know about FUKASHERE Courses and programmes and the list of courses offered in Federal University Of Kashere and their subject combination.

Knowing the list of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered in FUKASHERE and their admission requirements before applying will help you to make an informed decision about your studies.

In this article, we’ll show you FUKASHERE departments, faculties, institutes, part-time, arts, social, management, medical, education, environmental and engineering courses.

In addition, you will know the right subject combination for all FUKASHERE courses and a comprehensive list of courses offered in FUKASHERE.

You will learn more about the top 10 best courses to study in FUKASHERE as well as Federal University Of Kashere competitive, less competitive, marketable and profitable courses.

Currently, Federal University Of Kashere (FUKASHERE) is one of the best and top-ranking universities in Nigeria and it’s internationally recognised with over 60 Degree courses and programmes.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has approved and accredited all FUKASHERE new and old courses listed in this article.

Below, we have also provided you with a student’s guide to FUKASHERE courses, and the ultimate guide to getting into your dream course at Federal University Of Kashere.

Before we proceed, quickly see FUKASHERE Cut Off Mark For All Courses and FUKASHERE Admission Requirements 2023.

Helful Tips:

  • To view the courses offered in FUKASHERE and their requirements, subject combination and cut-off mark, click on any of the below-listed courses.
  • You can check the JAMB Subject Combinations and O’level requirements for the below-listed courses HERE.

FUKASHERE Courses And Requirements 2023 is Out | Full list

FUKASHERE Courses And Requirements 2023/2024

List Of Federal University Of Kashere Courses And Programmes include:

1.          Teacher Education Science
2.          Accountancy/Accounting
3.          Agricultural Science And Education
4.          Geography
5.          Education And Chemistry
6.          Education And Mathematics
7.          Economics And Development Studies
8.          Guidance And Counseling
9.          Education And Integrated Science
10.       Christian Religious Studies
11.       Procurement Management
12.       Education And Hausa
13.       Education And History
14.       Education And English Language
15.       Education And History
16.       English Language
17.       Educational Administration And Planning
18.       Biology
19.       Economics Anddevelopment Studies
20.       Public Administration
21.       Education And Biology
22.       Teacher Education Science
23.       Education And Economics
24.       Education And Political Science
25.       Education And Arabic
26.       Applied Geophysics
27.       Criminology And Security Studies
28.       Biochemistry
29.       Physics
30.       Education And Computer Science
31.       Sociology
32.       Economics
33.       Arabic Studies
34.       Entrepreneurship
35.       Business Administration
36.       Education And Geography
37.       Education And Integrated Science
38.       Hausa
39.       Political Science
40.       Zoology
41.       Mass Communication
42.       Education And Physics
43.       Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies
44.       Chemistry
45.       Mathematics
46.       Psychology
47.       History And Diplomatic Studies
48.       Computer Science
49.       Guidance And Counselling
50.       Plant Science
51.       Statistics
52.       Microbiology
53.       Library And Information Science
54.       Education And Chemistry
55.       Islamic Studies
56.       International Relations
57.       Marketing

See FUKASHERE Admission Requirements And FUKASHERE Postgraduate Courses.


Now that you know FUKASHERE courses and requirements for 2023/2024, let’s take a look at FUKASHERE’s competitive and less competitive courses.

FUKASHERE Competitive Courses and courses offered in Federal University Of Kashere

FUKASHERE Competitive Courses 

Competitive Courses offered in FUKASHERE Are:

1.          Accounting
2.          English Language
3.          Public Administration
4.          Criminology And Security Studies
5.          Biochemistry
6.          Economics
7.          Business Administration
8.          Political Science
9.          Mass Communication
10.       Computer Science
11.       Microbiology

See FUKASHERE Less Competitive Courses

Top 10 Best Courses To Study in FUKASHERE

Profitable And Best courses to Study in Federal University Of Kashere:

1.          Accounting
2.          English Language
3.          Public Administration
4.          Criminology And Security Studies
5.          Biochemistry
6.          Economics
7.          Business Administration
8.          Political Science
9.          Mass Communication
10.       Computer Science

See Why you should study these courses.

However, if your JAMB score or aggregate is not good for these courses please consider another course.

The reason is simple; No Federal University Of Kashere course is useless.

Ultimate Guide To Getting Into Your Dream Course At FUKASHERE

Ultimate Guide To Getting Into Your Dream Course At FUKASHERE

  1. For a start, have at least 5 Credits in either WAEC Or NECO at First Sitting, not more than Two Sittings.
  2. Target a High JAMB score.
  3. Target a high Post UTME score if adopted for the admission year.
  4. Apply for Courses that are less competitive if your aggregate score is below average.
  5. Have two courses in mind such as Professional Courses or Career Courses for supplementary purposes.
  6. Know how to calculate FUKASHERE Admission aggregate Points.
  7. Understand FUKASHERE Admission Catchment areas and ELDS. This will help you to determine or know your chances of gaining admission.
  8. As a Direct entry candidate, If you don’t have Upper credits in your A’level result don’t apply for competitive courses because you may likely not get it.

NB: Before choosing to study any course in FUKASHERE please consider Important factors such as your passions and interests, your desired salary, Job market outlook, Work/life balance, and Opportunities for growth and development.

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Wrapping Up…

Federal University Of Kashere (FUKASHERE) has emerged as an inexpensive global study market that is attracting students from around Nigeria and the world at large.

FUKASHERE has courses for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry candidates with NCE, OND, HND, etc.

Courses in FUKASHERE can provide students with top-notch education and the practical experience needed for advancement.

FUKASHERE has a rich history of academic success with current reaches throughout the world and many professional opportunities.

Courses in Federal University Of Kashere utilize the newest instructional methodologies with the latest in technological advancement and practical applications.

At the end of these programmes, you will obtain a bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) or Master’s Degree, depending on which you chose to enrol or apply.

Finally, FUKASHERE school fees or tuition fees is very affordable.

We hope that you found our article on the list of courses offered in FUKASHERE and FUKASHERE courses and requirements 2023/2024 to be helpful.

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