ELDS In Nigeria (Educationally Less Developed States)

Knowing your admission catchment area and ELDS before applying for admission in Nigeria is very important. Have you been searching for the meaning of ELDS In Nigeria? Educationally Less Developed States in Nigeria? Education Less Developed States In Nigeria?

Or have you been asking What is ELDS Admission? What Is The Meaning Of Merit And ELDS? What Is The Meaning Of ELDS in University? What are the educationally less developed states in Nigeria?

At the end of this post, you will get to know Everything about Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) and the List Of ELDS States In Nigeria.

Before you get to know the ELDS In Nigeria let’s look at the meaning of this concept.

The need for Federal character brought about Catchment and ELDS states in Nigeria.

The Federal character is one of the features of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.

This is to ensure the principle that all public service, institutions fairly reflect the linguistic, religious, ethnic, and geographic diversity of the country.

ELDS In Nigeria
Admission Quota

Meaning Of ELDS in University

ELDS means education less developed states.

It was formulated in an effort to ensure the uniform development of the country’s educational sector.

ELDS are states in Nigeria that are considered to be disadvantaged when it comes to gaining high-quality Education.

These states are always given preferential treatment during admission exercise.

The Federal government has designed the Admission quota of each University to favour the Educationally Less developed states.

This means that candidates from the ELDS have a better chance of gaining admission into the University after scaling through the University’s Minimum requirements (Mostly Cut off Marks).

What Is The Meaning Of Merit And ELDS?

Merit Admission simply means you have passed the departmental cut-off mark for your course of choice and you are due for the admission which you are given While ELDS means Educationally Less Developed States and there’s a special cut-off mark for candidates from ELDS state.


ELDS only applies to a federal government-owned University and they occupy 20% out of the total carrying capacity of the Course or school in question.

ELDS In Nigeria

The following states are considered by the Federal Government of Nigeria as being among the Educationally less developed states.

1.       Adamawa
2.       Bauchi
3.       Bayelsa
4.       Benue
5.       Borno
6.       Cross River
7.       Ebonyi
8.       Gombe
9.       Jigawa
10.    Kaduna
11.    Kano
12.    Kebbi
13.    Kogi
14.    Katsina
15.    Kwara
16.    Nasarawa
17.    Niger
18.    Plateau
19.    Rivers
20.    Sokoto
21.    Taraba
22.    Yobe
23.    Zamfara

The other States not listed here are not considered ELDS states.

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All the best as you learn more about ELDS In Nigeria.

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