Admission is Being Processed | All You Need to Know

Do you want to know the meaning of your admission is being processed on JAMB CAPS or Portal this year?

In this article, we’ll show you all you need to know about admission is being processed, check back later.

Some of the questions we have received in regard to this topic include:

  • Meaning of Your Admission is Being Processed
  • What Does it Mean?
  • For How Long will it Process?
  • What Does Admission is Being Process Means?
  • Can Being Process Change To Not Admitted?
  • Does Admission is Being Process Guarantee Admission?

Admission is Being Processed | All You Need to Know

Since the JAMB CAPS portal, Mobile Apps were enabled for candidates to check and confirm their admission status.

Many candidates have been a bit confused about certain terms they see on their dashboards.

This post is to explain the meaning of some of the terms you are likely to find once you log on to the JAMB CAPS portal or your JAMB Mobile App.

Meaning of Your Admission is Being Processed

Your Admission is being processed on CAPS simply means that you have met the requirements to be admitted to your school of choice this year.

But for certain reasons like Admission Quota and other admission criteria your admission is still in progress.

Candidates in this category may be offered admission later if other candidates offered admission by the school decide to reject their admission thereby creating room for more admission slots.

For How Long Will My Admission Process?

Well, it all depends on your school’s attitude towards the admission exercise.

It could just take a day, a few days, weeks, or Months before this status changes finally.

Some candidates hoping to feature in the merit list may have to wait longer before the good news.

Candidates in the subsequent lists may not wait too long since the school has already kick-started releasing lists.

Does Admission is Being Process Guarantee Admission?

The bad news is that NO! but 98.5% Guaranteed.

Your Admission is Being processed does not guarantee automatic admission.

The reason is that if you don’t meet the admission requirements after the verification process your admission status will change back to not admitted.

Can Admission is Being Process Change To Not Admitted?

The bad news is that YES! but just a Few.

Admission is Being processed can change back to not admitted or sorry, you have not been offered admission yet.

The reason for this may include the fact that your school or JAMB has found out that you did not probably upload your O’level results on JAMB portal or your subjects’ combination in JAMB is wrong and a series of other anomalies that crop in the admission processes.

In fact, a few candidates never know they’re not qualified for the course they’re proposing.

What Can I Do If My Admission Change Back To Not Admitted?

If your Admission Changed back to Sorry No Admission Is Given Yet Try the below;

  • Re-upload Your O’level Result.
  • Contact JAMB Support to find out the reason.
  • Contact Your School of Choice.
  • Consider a Change of Course.
  • Do research to make sure that there is no error on your profile.

We hope that you found our article on the meaning of your Admission is Being processed to be helpful.

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